Water Lab

Prof. Dror Avisar,

Head of TAU Water Center, Faculty of Exact Sciences

Lab Heads

Prof. Hadas Mamane,

Head of the Environmental Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering   

The lab deals with the contemporary global challenges of water shortage and water quality through rigorous and groundbreaking research.

In Collaboration with the Water Center at TAU



Two BMI Fellows won the prestigious Dan David scholarship for the second year!

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Patricia Akao, BMI Fellow

Academic Advisors:  Prof. Dror Avisar,  Prof. Hadas Mamane

Research Project

Preliminary experiments utilizing microalgae Chlorella sp. to remove iodinated contrast media (ICM) showed great potential and as a result new experiments were performed over the course of 27 days, in triplicates. The positive and negative controls were performed in duplicates for each specific concentration (2, 5, 10 and 100 mg/L Iohexol - IHX). 

The experiment showed that the microalgae may release an enzyme capable of oxidizing the IHX molecule. Ongoing research aims to better understand the oxidation pathway and characterize all nine DPs chosen. Further experiments are planned for next year.

Microalgae Utilization for Removal of Organic compounds from Wastewater: Circular Economy Concept

Adi Zilberman, BMI Fellow

Academic Advisors:  Prof. Dror Avisar, Prof. Hadas Mamane and Yaal Lester, Environmental Engineering, Azrieli College, Jerusalem

Research Project

It was expected that the removal of carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen from hospital wastewater will be carried out by the biological activity of the aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic bacteria, and that in the first stage the drugs under investigation will not be dismantled

Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Hospital Wastewater