International Advisory Board

Role: Strategic Planning and Oversight

  • Highly respected members of the international community recruited and engaged by Dr. Boris Mints with the consent of TAU’s President or his Representative on the Steering Committee.

  • The IAB will meet twice a year, once in TAU and once in an International location of choice.

  • The IAB meetings will be conducted as a mini TED events, but intimate and productive

  • The agenda for the IAB meetings:
    Feedback on the annual report
    The IAB will be presented with a series of exiting new ideas of how we can make this world a better place to live in and choose one or two of them and consider ways of moving them from the idea stage to implementation at the global stage.

Co-Founder of the Matanel Foundation

Мember of the VTB Capital Supervisory Board.

Former Prime Minister of Montenegro, South East Europe Public Sector Director, PwC

Chairman of the Board, Rector of the
Russian – Armenian University, Yerevan, Armenia

Chairman, TAU Board of Governors, former Governor of the Bank of Israel

Founder and President of the Israel Institute, Former Ambassador of Israel to USA and President Emeritus of TAU

Director, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics

Former President of the Czech Republic, Head of the Václav Klaus Institute

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, EOS Russia