Oxford Ph.D. student receives BMI suport

According to the BMI Prize regulations, "the winner will commit to contribute 20% of the prize for scholarships to research students, who will be selected by the winner".

Sam McQuillen is a research student of Prof. Sabina Alkire, the 2020 BMI Prize laureate receiving this grant.

Mr. McQuillen's research seeks to incorporate participatory methods into how poverty is understood, measured, and addressed by policymakers, academics, and activists alike. His work focuses specifically on the Appalachian region of the United States, a coal mining region exhibiting high levels of durable, multidimensional poverty that he have worked within throughout much of his academic career. With the support of the Boris Mints Institute, Mr. McQuillen seeks to reconcile Appalachian understandings of poverty with internationally comparable measures, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and holistic approach to combating poverty.