Lecture by Prof. itai Sened at Weidenbaum Center Forum

Covid-19, the Abraham Accords and the 2021 Elections – Israel’s Politics in an Uncertain World

Itai Sened

Head of The Boris Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges, Founding Chair of the School of Social and Policy Studies, and Dean of the Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences at Tel Aviv University

Professor Itai Sened was recruited by Tel Aviv University after serving for 12 years as Director of the Institute for New Institutional Social Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, established by economics’ Nobel Laureate Douglass C. North. From 2004-2007, Professor Sened also served as Chair of the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis during which time the Department rose to 15th place in the US News and World Report rankings. An expert in decision making, institutions, and policy, Professor Sened has authored or edited five books and written over fifty chapters and articles in peer reviewed journals.