BMI’s 7th Annual Conference

Research, Innovation and Global Policy

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

14:00 | The Garden Suite, Naftali Building

Opening Remarks

Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences, Head of BMI

15:45-17:00 | The Garden Suite, Naftali Building

BMI on the biggest challenge facing the globe – Part 1: No More War?

Moderator: Prof. Itai Sened, Dean of the G.H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences at TAU


Prof. Miranda Schreurs, Professor of Environment and Climate Policy, School of Governance, Technical University of Munich

The European Energy Crisis Following the war in Ukraine

Mr. Seppo Remes, Co-Founder and Chairman of EOS Russia

Sanctions – who and what do they serve?

B, David R. Francis, Distinguished Professor and Director Emeritus of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis

Collective Memory in Eastern Europe

Thursday, May 12th, 2022


11:00-12:30 | Green Naftali meeting room (Floor -1), Naftali Building

BMI on the biggest challenge facing the globe – Part 2: No More War?

Moderator: Dr. Nimrod Rosler, Head of the INTL program of Conflict Resolution and Mediation, TAU


Dr. Igor Lukšić, Associate Professor, UDG University, and Former Prime Minister of Montenegro

Prof. Itamar Rabinovich, Former Ambassador of Israel in the USA and former TAU President

Prof. Shlomo Ben Ami, Co-founder & VP of the Toledo International Centre for Peace, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Internal Security of Israel

Prof. Evyatar Matanya, Head of Tel Aviv University's MA program in Security Studies, founder and former Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate

Q & A

14:00-15:00 | Yaakov Efter Hall (001), Naftali Building – ground floor

Address of BMI Founder and President: Dr. Boris Mints (15 min.)

mRNA technology and its impact on sustainable future

Prof. Katalin Karikó, Senior Vice President RNA Protein Replacement Therapies, BioNTech

Presented by: Inbal Hazan – Halevy, Ph.D., Manager of the Laboratory of Precision Nano-Medicine at TAU

16:15 –17:30 | Green Naftali meeting room (Floor -1), Naftali Building

BMI Research Symposium – Part 1: The Global Challenge of Water Treatment

Prof. Hadas Mamane, Head of the Environmental Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, TAU

BMI Conference 2022 - Hadas Mamane
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Eitan Benson, BMI Fellow, Faculty of Engineering, TAU

BMI Conference 2022 - Eitan Benson
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Engineers Without Borders – TAU Student Delegation to Tanzania

BMI Conference 2022 - Offir Inbar
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16:15 –17:30 | |Green Naftali meeting room (Floor -1), Naftali Building

Research Presentations by BMI Fellows Part 2: The Global Challenge of Refugees

(1) Refugees in town: assessing the "local turn" of forced migrants’ integration

Nora Meissner, BMI Fellow, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, TAU

BMI Conference 2022 - Nora Meissner
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(2) Roots of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Towards an Escalatory Process Model

Petr Pesov, BMI Fellow, Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program, TAU

BMI Conference 2022 - Petr Pesov
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(3) Decentralized redistribution of wealth: A case study

Eve Guterman, BMI Fellow, Department of Public Policy, TAU

BMI Conference 2022 - Eve Guterman
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