BMI Postdoc Researcher - Dr. Nadine Knab

Dr. Knab, a Postdoc researcher at the Conflict Resolution lab, was interviewed to the Peace Psychologist magazine (pp.5-8).

Nadine’s core values as an applied researcher and a peace psychologist have significantly shaped her goals and career path. Nadine’s focus has been to work with like-minded colleagues who are passionate about theory-based research and the application of research to real-world social justice issues. Nadine has found this elixir in her first post-doctoral position since leaving her alma mater in Germany – being awarded fellowships to return to Israel, Nadine has embarked her post doc journey at the Boris Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions for Global Challenges, in the Department of Public Policy at Tel Aviv University. With the combination of researching and teaching conflict and social justice issues, it seems that Nadine, whose 16-year-old-self taught her classmates about Milgram and social psychology, has come full circle and found her intellectual home. So how does Nadine envisage the next ten years?