The Boris Mints Institute 2020 Research Conference

The Boris Mints Institute 2020 Research Conference ‘Israeli Innovation for a Better World’, was held as Zoom webinar at July 9


Opening Statements

  • Dr. Boris Mints, BMI Founder and president

  • Prof. Itai Sened, Head of BMI and Incoming Dean of the Faculty of Social Science

Making Naftali building energy neutral

  • A new and sustainable ecosystem for waste and water Naftali building as a pilot

Prof. Hadas Mamane, Head of the Environmental Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering

  • Nature based solutions for carbon neutral cities and improved air quality

Ms. Hila Bar, Research Manager, Vertical Field Ltd

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Research Presentations: Poverty and Inequality

  • Creating and preserving poverty in the Ultra Orthodox Jewish society

Dr. Nechumi Yaffe, Department of Public Policy

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  • The current locust crisis knowledge gaps and some research directions

Prof . Amir Ayali, School of Zoology

  • Demographic Challenges in the 21 st Century

Dr. Isaac Sasson, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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  • Behind the Wicked Problems: How DLTs may be used to decentralize Institutions for Equality

Eve Guterman, BMI Fellow

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