icipe Visit at BMI


Boris Mints Institute has an ongoing research collaboration with icipe, a prominent research institute in Nairobi, Kenya. Following Prof. Itai Sened's visit to icipe on July 2019, a delegation of  icipe leadership visited TAU on January 2020 for a week of meetings, discussions, presentations and tours, in order to deepen and enhance the collaborative relationship between the two institutes (see agenda attached). 


Presentations and statements abstract






Monday, 13.1.20

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel-Aviv University


09:00     Opening Statements – Conference room

Prof. Yaron Oz, TAU Rector

Prof. Itai Sened, Head, BMI; Founding Head, School of Social and Policy Studies, Tel-Aviv University

Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Director General, icipe

Mrs. Joelle Aflalo, Co-Chair, Matanel Foundation


09:30     Museum tour, with Prof. Tamar Dayan, the Steinhardt Museum Chair

11:00     Coffee break

11:15     Research presentations – TAU researchers:

Dr. Neta Dorchin, School of Zoology and Chief Curator of Entomology, the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History        View Presentation     

Dr. Gideon Pisanti, Hymenoptera Collection Manager, the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History        View Presentation    

Dr Malkie Spodek, Hemiptera Collection Manager, the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Dr. Opher Mendelsohn, Department of Public Policy       View Presentation    

ilad Ben-Zvi, Manager, the Entomological Laboratory for Applied Ecology, The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History


12:40     TAU Branch of Engineers Without Borders – Tanzania project


14:00     Activity presentations – icipe


    Dr. Moses Osiru, Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) Manager 

       View Presentation   

    Dr. Sunday Ekesi, Director of Research and Partnerships    View Presentation   

    Dr. Menale Kassie, Head of Social Science and Impact Assessment Unit (SSIA).

       View Presentation   

    Dr. Robert Skilton, Head of the Capacity Building and Institutional Development Programme     View Presentation   


15:00     Discussion



Tuesday, 14.1.20


10:00     Visit to Kayma Farm

12:00     Tour in Jerusalem


Wednesday, 15.1.20


10:00     Visit to Biobee + Biofly, Sde Eliyahu Kibbutz – Dr. Shimon Shteinberg, CSO

13:30     Visit to Emek Ha-Maayanot Agricultural R&D


Thursday, 16.1.20


11:00-12:00         Meeting with Professor Tamar Ronen Rosenbaum, Dean of the Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Itai Sened, Head of the School of Social and Policy studies and Dr. Ram Fishman, Department of Public Policy – TAU MA Program for the Developing Countries – Social Sciences Dean’s office