BMI student group

As a society comprised of an intersection of cultures, the Boris Mints Institute's Youth Innovation Forum (YIF) encourages a model in which students are invited to exchange ideas and cross-fertilize a variety of academic disciplines in our gatherings. Our vision is set on establishing a thriving source of novelty within the ecosystem of ideas at Tel-Aviv University. Such a platform offers a learning environment to its members (students of Tel-Aviv University) with the intention of complementing their studies, give a start for their future research, and develop renowned projects that will aim to solve a variety of local and global challenges.

Like BMI, YIF believes in an interactive educational approach and, hence, shapes a semi-informal academic atmosphere in its forums. In every session, the organization aspires to contemplate new ideas for evolving the various disciplines in academia. YIF also supports young researchers, such as PhD fellows, members of junior faculties, CEOs, professors, decision-makers, and public figures by promoting their own innovations and research in a format of symposiums: brief presentations followed by inclusionary discussions. The academic nature of our vision encompasses both the people who comprise it as members of YIF (coming from different disciplines and cultures), as well as involving any Tel-Aviv University students who are willing to participate.

With an inner team of board members, coupled with active members –YIF wishes to put a resounding emphasis on the TAU motto: “Pursuing The Unknown”; with the emergence of new fields of study and the surfacing of global and local problems, communities of thought ought to join and create innovative approaches to all manifestations of knowledge. If you are interested in participating or collaborating - please contact us at


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