Hackathon: Blockchain For Social Impact

The second edition of the Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon took place at Tel-Aviv University - a joint project of BMI and Blockchain Israel. The Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon from the Innovation for Humanity series was led this year under the theme “Rewind the future to impact today’s global challenges”.

50 selected participants, 20 teams and 25 mentors took part in this exciting event, working on Blockchain-based solutions to social challenges. As for last year, we focused on leveraging blockchain solutions for social impact—also including AI, machine and deep learning—targeting the following challenges:

  • Social responsibility

  • Global resources distribution

  • Autonomous systems

  • Non profit management

  • Diversity

The winning team - a group of passionate and determined high-school students - developed a Blockchain-based system for the transfer of goods and services between kids and teenagers, called: "Tova" (the Hebrew word for a favor).

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Blockchain Hackathon 2019 – Projects

Hackathon 2019, 7

1st Prize:

TOVA: digital trade of services and items between kids through a token

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Hackathon 2019, 6

2nd Prize:

The Olive chain: leverage trust and reduce friction, food integrity

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Hackathon 2019, 5

3rd Prize:

ValiDonate: making sure your donations go to the intended cause

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Other Participants:

Nes-city: fractional property ownership to solve rent problems, equity token + utility token

My Way: elevating diversity and equal opportunity in the work market

NPOs reaching donors: word of mouth based crowd funding

HiPet: tokens for volunteers caring for stray cats

EOX in a box: easy and accessible way to start your own bc.