BMI Conference: BMI as a Global Player


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018




15:30-16:30    BMI Research Symposium – Part 1: Meeting Global Challenges through International Cooperation with ICIPE, Kenya



Opher Mendelsohn, BMI Fellow   View Presentation  




Thursday, May 3rd, 2018   

11:00-11:15     Awarding of the 2018 Boris Mints Institute Prize for Research of Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges

To  Prof. Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies, Dept. of Economics, Harvard University

By: Prof. Joseph Klafter, President of Tel-Aviv University



11:15-12:00      BMI Research Symposium – Part 2:  Meeting Global Challenges through International Cooperation - California and India

Opening lecture: Prof. David Feldman, Chair – Department of Planning, Policy and Design, School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine    View Presentation   

The BMI-TATA project – Students’ presentations    View Presentation   


14:00-14:15     Address of BMI Founder and President     

Dr. Boris Mints    Read   


14:15-15:30      BMI Prize Laureat Lecture



Prof. Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies, Dept. of Economics, Harvard University    View Presentation   


15:30-16:00  BMI Research Symposium – Part 3: Meeting Global Challenges through International Cooperation - Malta

Dr. Paula Grech Bonnici, Executive Director for Compliance and Quality, Water Services Corporation, Malta  


16:00-16:45   Emerging technology and the transportation sector revolution

Gil Barnea, Ph.D. student, Department of Public Policy, TAU       View Presentation   


17:00-18:00     Banking, Corporate Governance, and Inequality


Prof. Anat Admati, George G.C. Parker Professor of Finance and Economics,

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University     View Presentation   



Friday, May 4th, 2018


09:30-11:00    Research Presentations by BMI Fellows:

A drone-mounted sonar system for accurate yield estimation 

Prof. Yossi Yovel, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences, TAU and Dr. Avital Bechar, Volkani Institute   View Presentation  


The Welfare of the Middle Class in OECD Countries 

Sagit Azari-Viesel, Ph.D. student, Department of Public Policy, TAU    View Presentation  


Treatment of waste water using AOPs 

Patricia Akao, Ph.D. student, Faculty of Engineering, TAU    View Presentation  


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