BMI Annual Meeting: Desertification - a Growing Global Challenge

In accordance with BMI vision, our 2nd international conference in Malta focused on the global challenge of Desertification. The conference was hosted by Dr. Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta, who took the presidency of the EU in January of 2017.


Wednesday, 29.3.17

17:00 BMI Steering committee – Business Meeting 18:00 BMI Board Meeting Thursday, 30.3.17

09:00 Prof. Itai Sened, Head of BMI BMI Celebrates Second Year of Full Activity

09:15 Symposium: Desertification – The Policy Orphan Convener: Dr. Boris Mints Read Speech Text 09:30 Opening Lecture Luc Gnacadja, Past Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification; Former Minister of the Environment, Benin Combating Desertification – Lessons learned from twenty-five years of international efforts View Presentation 10:00 Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta 10:10 Dr. Kristalina Georgieva, CEO, World Bank Group Famine in Africa: Causes and Solutions 10:25 Dr. Konrad Mizzi, Minister within the office of the Prime Minister (Energy Section), Malta 10:35 Dr. Jose A Herrera, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Malta

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Panel #1: Policy Responses, Water Uses & Management Prof. Uriel Safriel, Faculty of Nature Sciences, Hebrew University; Former Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, The UN Convention to Combat Desertification Examples of Synergistic Policy Responses – Climate Change and Desertification View Presentation Mr. Stephen Zammit, Water Services Corporation, Malta

The Distribution Implementation of 2nd class Water in Malta View Presentation Ing. David Sacco, Water Services Corporation, Malta

Production of highly polished reclaimed water as a means to supplement water resources in the Maltese Islands. View Presentation

14:00 Panel #2: Success Stories – Combating Desertification Mr. Gabi Miodownik, Senior VP & Head of EMEA Division, Netafim Industries Ms. Merci Wanja Karunditu, The Green Belt Movement, Kenya Dr. Ram Fishman, Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University Friday, 31.3.17

09:00 Key Note Speaker Dr. Segenet Kelemu, International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology Protecting biodiversity to combat desertification View Presentation 09:30 Daniel Sultana, Environment and Resources Authority, Malta Numerical modeling and economics of agricultural land degradation in the Maltese Islands. View Presentation

10:00 Discussion

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Closing Lecture Prof. Alon Tal, Chair, Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University Can We Stop Desertification Without Stabilizing Human Populations? View Presentation

11:00 Discussion

11:15 BMI Active Research Projects Dr. Ram Fishman & MA Student Shira Bukchin*

11:45 Closing Remarks Prof. Itai Sened, Head of BMI


* Funded and conducted through our association with the Manna Center Program for Food Safety & Security