TAU-UCI Workshop: Water Management Challenges in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions


Based on a series of MOU agreements between Tel-Aviv University and UCI, BMI hosted a workshop, which dealt with the global challenge of water management. Researchers from both universities presented their research, exchanged ideas and laid the path for future cooperation.






08:30   Greetings:

Prof. Raanan Rein, Vice President of Tau
Prof. Itai Sened, Chair of the Department of Public Policy, Founding Head of the School of Social Studies and Sustainability


09:00   Presentations:

Prof. Sened     View Presentation  


Prof. David Feldman, Chair – Department of Planning, Policy and Design, School of Social Ecology, UCI

10:00   Presentations:

Prof. Pinhas Alpert, Professor in Atmospheric Sciences, The Mikhael M. Nebenzahl and Amalia Grossberg & Chair Professor in Geodynamics, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Exact Sciences, TAU     View Presentation  


Prof. Gudrun Magnusdottir, Earth System Science, School of Physical Sciences, UCI

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30   Presentations:

Prof. Marcelo Sternberg, Department of Molecular Biology & Ecology of Plants, Faculty of Life Sciences, TAU


Prof. Timothy J. Bradley, School of Biological Sciences, UCI      View Presentation  

12:30  Lunch

14:00   Presentations:

Dr. Ram Fishman, Department of Public Policy, TAU


Prof. Stanly B. Grant, The Henri Samueli School of Engineering, UCI

15:00-16:00   Round table discussion I: Models and routs for future collaborations

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