As Boris Mints Institute enters its third year of activity, the time has come to suggest a more structured and focused mode of operation. The research seeds BMI has sown have already shown grew into several academic and policy publications. Our vision is to have a substantial contribution to both actual policy-making and publications in academic journals, important as they may be. 
In order to use BMI resources more effectively and reach focused and meaningful progress in our research, BMI mode of operation will move from sporadic annual research grants to long-term research labs. Having reached the desired research quality and span, the new structure will make us even better at achieving our multiple goals.

In addition to the research labs, BMI will continue its support scholarships program and award the annual BMI Prize.

BMI will operate through five research labs: (1) Renewable Energy; (2) Food Security and Sustainable Development; (3) Conflict Resolution; (4) Middle Class Studies of Inequality; (5) Water. 

Each research lab will be comprised of a Lab Leader – a senior TAU faculty member who is an expert in the relevant field, and a group of MA and PhD students under his/her supervision. BMI labs will be the operative channel of co-operation with BMI's partners, both within TAU and international partners.

BMI's Operational Concept of Research labs and International Co-operation