International Advisory Board: Armen Darbinyan

Prof. Armen Darbinyan is one of the authors of the concept Activities  of  economic  and  political reforms  in  Armenia,  including privatization,  private  sector  development, institutions building. He is one of the authors of national legislation on  banks and banking, joint stock companies, anti-monopoly regulation, state regulation of public services, others. 

He is the initiator and responsible official who has completely reformed the telecommunications, agriculture, infrastructure and tourism sectors in Armenia.

Prof. Darbinyan is one of the internationally recognized top experts of economies in transition. Having noticed that, the World Economic Forum awarded him with the 
title of Young Global Leader (2006).


Prof. Darbinyan is initiator and the author of the concept of  establishing State Treasury system of the Republic of Armenia. He is one of the founders of the modern banking system of the Republic of Armenia.