The 1st BMI Prize was awarded to Prof. Jeffrey Sachs

The prize was presented to Prof. Sachs by Prof. Yakov Frenkel, Chair of TAU Board of Governors and Dr. Boris Mints, President and founder of BMI.

Upcoming Events


Israeli Solutions for Sustainable Development

The 4th Annual Conference

How can Israeli technologies and innovations in Agriculture, Water, Energy, ICT and Health fulfill their potential and become widely adopted in developing countries? The Department of Public Policy, The Boris Mints Institute and The Manna Center Program for Food Security at Tel Aviv University are pleased to invite Innovators, 
Researchers, Organizations, Startups and Companies to join the discussion.

Registration Page at TAU


Small Transition Economies: Local answers to Global Challenges

3rd international conference

In accordance with BMI vision as an institute that affects global policy at the highest level, our 3rd international conference in Georgia and Armenia will focus on exploring, analyzing and discussing the economics and politics of small transition economies, taking the example of the host countries and trying to draw global lessons and recommendations.


2nd Sustainable Development Seminar in Arava

Continuing the successful cooperation with the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Center, a second seminar will take place in the Arava on October 15th-19th, 2017, focusing on Sustainable Development.

The seminar will be lead by Dr. Ram Fishman.

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Transforming Desertification as
a Global Policy Orphan

Executive summary 

of the BMI conference in Malta

2016 Executive Report

Latest News


Transforming Desertification as a Global Policy Orphan

As a result of the BMI conference in Malta, an executive summary was prepared, summarizing the main ideas and themes of the event and offering paths for better policy in combating Desertification and Land Degradation


2017 BMI Prize Laureate

The BMI Board has approved the recommendation of the Prize Evaluation Committee and announced the winner of the 2017 BMI Prize:
​Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University


2017 Research Grant Winner

Prof. Hadad Mamane is the winner of the 2017 research grant in Renewable Energy for her research Using plant wastes as a valuable resource for ethanol bio-fuel production, by tuning the oxidative treatment as a viable techno-economical solution

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