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Active Projects

Tanzania Project : Potable Water and Solar Energy for the People of Minjingu

Tel Aviv University Branch of Engineers Without Borders
Supported by Boris Mints Institute

The project is supported by BMI, the TAU Renewable Energy Center and the Institute for Water Research.

Project Goals:

  • Provide power supply using an off grid photo-voltaic system to Medical Center in the province of Nkaiti.

  • Supply clean drinking water to the medical center Nkaiti .

  • Supply clean drinking water to one high school in the Nkaiti province.

Development of a Method for Extracting Spatial Photon Recycling
Efficiency of Solar Energy Conversion Devices

Tamir Yeshurun, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisor: Dr. Gideon Segev, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Physical Electronics

Our experiment focus on measuring the photon recycling efficiency for characterizing materials and devices for solar energy conversion. we constructed a Photoluminescence quantum yield measuring system and preformed preliminary experiments on an InP sample wafer, producing photoluminescence quantum yield measurement from a sample excited by a range of incident light wavelengths. Over the next year, we plan to calibrate the system and to measure and extract spatial photon recycling efficiency of different materials and various solar devices, while improving the experimental technique.

The Boris Mints Institute Renewable Energy Lab supports research in various fields of renewable energy throughout TAU, looking for innovative ways for extending and enhancing the use and effectivity of RE.


Lab Head

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, TAU

Lab Head

Faculty of Engineering, TAU


A student delegation of EWB, supported by Boris Mints Institute and other TAU units, continued the water/energy activities in Tanzania.

BMI continues support for Engineers Without Borders