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Wicked Problems in the Information Age: Decentralizing for Equality

Eve Guterman, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisor: Professor Itai Sened

Throughout history, social institutions have been designed to overcome five fundamentally wicked problems inherent in human society: (1) The creation and protection of property rights; (2) The [re]distribution of wealth; (3) The Principal-Agent problem; (4) The management of natural commons; and (5) How to make choices pertaining to the social collective, as such. We have yet to overcome these persistent problems with institutional solutions, primarily because our man-made institutions suffer from the same inherently human faults from which these problem emanate to begin with. The root source of all of these problems is the shared underlying monopoly problem.  

Outside employment opportunities

Elad Guttman, BMI Fellow
Dr. Oren Danieli, School of Economics, TAU

In my research I'm helping to develop a method to estimate the outside employment opportunities available to each worker, and to assess the impact of these outside options on wage in- equality

Universal Basic Income program in Israel

Stav Cohen, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisor: Prof. Itai Sened

My research regards economic inequality, particularly in Israel. In my research we propose to implement a substantial Universal Basic Income program in Israel in order to decrease inequality and eliminate extreme poverty. The main aim of the research is to demonstrate that sufficient funding can be garnered from existing sources in the Israeli economy to implement UBI, creating a more egalitarian distribution of wealth in the society and improving citizens’ quality of life.

The Boris Mints Institute Inequality Lab looks into the institutional, political and economic dimensions of inequality and studies the social mobility and prospects of different social groups.


Lab Head

Head of BMI, Founding Chair School of Social and Policy Studies at TAU and Dean of the Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Public Policy, TAU


Dr. Sagit Azari-Wiesel, until recently a Boris Mints Institute Fellow, is currently a senior researcher in the research department of the...

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