International Academic Committee 

The International Academic Committee at the Boris Mints Institute comprises scholars and scientists from TAU, other Israeli universities and leading academic and research institutions abroad. The committee meets once a year to evaluate the success of the past year’s activities and deliberate on which projects will be funded in the coming year.

Dr. Segenet Kelemu

 Director General of the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) Nairobi, Kenya.

Prof. Yossi Rozenwaks

 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Miranda Schreurs

Chair, Environment and Climate Policy, 

Bavarian School of Public Policy, 

TUM School of Governance

Prof. Itai Sened

Founding Head of the School for Social and Policy Studies at TAU’s Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences 

Research topics will be chosen according both to ongoing projects being pursued at TAU and to their potential for return on investment in terms of the likely impact of the findings and potential for solving real-world problems. An emphasis will be put on paradigm building, whereby solutions would be workable on a large, worldwide, scale, thereby ensuring the highest possible impact. A structured evaluation process will judge the merits of the research at the end of each year, and the results will form the basis of choosing which projects will be supported in the subsequent year.