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Partners: Manna Center Program for Food Safety and Security, headed by Prof. Nir Ohad, Faculty of Life Sciences,

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A model of smallholder agriculture exposure to climate change impacts

Shira Bukchin, Department of Public Policy

Shira has a B.Sc. in biology and is now working on her master’s degree in Public Policy. Much of the literature in agricultural development and international food security focuses on the impacts of climate changes on smallholders and ways in which they can adapt to climate change, however the premise underlying this body of work has not been systematically tested or quantified- it remains unclear how many smallholders will experience significant climate change impacts, and to which extent. In the research we are working on a quantitative analysis of these exposure measures, we are constructing a global model (now created) of smallholder agriculture exposure to climate change impacts.

Master's Degree Scholarship

Can Information Help Reduce Imbalanced Application of Fertilizers in India?

Yoav Rothler, Department of Public Policy

Yoav's  research studies the effectiveness of India’s large Soil Health Cards Program to encourage all 140 million farmers in India to apply a balanced dose of fertilizers to their crops based on soil tests carried out in the their own land. In order to gain some first empirical evidence on the performance of the program, Yoav took part in a randomized controlled trial in the Indian state of Bihar that approximated the government’s intervention. Results show that providing Soil Health Cards has very little effect on farmers’ fertilizer use in the next season. Lack of trust in the new information and a limited ability to understand the scientific information seem to be the main reasons for not adopting the scientific recommendations.

Discussion Paper

Master's Degree Scholarship

Developing an Innovative Spectral Means to Discriminate Organic from Non-Organic Vegetables at the Consumer Level

Bell Weiss, Department of Geography and Human Environment

As a PhD student in the fields of Chemistry and Environment, Bell finished her M.A. Thesis with distinction and her research has won several prizes. Bell has already started working at the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) under the supervision of Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor. In this research, the aim to develop a spectral-based technique which a costumer can easily use on the market level. By this method, the consumers would be able to ascertain the qualities, traits, healthiness and sustainability of purchased foods. The study includes defining spectroscopic differences between organic and non-organic vegetables, grown in equivalent areas under similar conditions. 

Ph. D. Scholarship

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