Israel after the Afghanistan Crisis:The New Geopolitics of the Middle East

The Boris Mints Institute is co-hosting a special webinar with NorthWestern University.
Thursday, 4.11.2021, 11AM-CST Time, 18:00-IL Time

The Boris Mints Institute Events at Tel-Aviv University

15:00 Inauguration of the Matanel Garden

16:00 Awarding the 2021 BMI Prize

Oxford Ph.D. student receives BMI suport

According to the BMI Prize regulations, "the winner will commit to contribute 20% of the prize for scholarships to research students".

Lecture by Prof. itai Sened at Weidenbaum Center Forum

Covid-19, the Abraham Accords and the 2021 Elections – Israel’s Politics in an Uncertain World Itai Sened Head of The Boris Mints...