Inauguration of the Boris Mints Institute

May 19, 2016

Tel Aviv University

Dr. Boris Mints' Speech at Inauguration of the Boris Mints Institute

Good Afternoon!

First of all on this very significant personal day, let me thank the heads of the Tel-Aviv University: Prof. Joseph Klafter (President of the Tel-Aviv University), Prof. Jacob A. Frenkel (Chairman of the Board of Governors), Prof. Yaron Oz (Rector), Prof. Tamar Ronen-Rosenbaum (Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences), members of the international board of advisors, consisted of brilliant government and political leaders, including those present: ex-president of Czech Republic - Vaclav Klaus, ex-premier of Armenia - Armen Darbinian, ex-vice-premier of Bulgaria and the head of the supervisory board of EBRD - Simeon Djankov; co-founder and chairman of the Board, EOS (EnergyO Solutions) Russia - Seppo Remes and those who in everyday duty provides the incredible work of the Institute and uppermost the outstanding scientist, professor Itai Sened, who moved from the United States of America in order to lead the Institution. The goal, that we have set for ourselves is very challenging yet significant. Determination and resolution of the problems, preventing the sustainable and equitable development of the civilization. Up to our understanding the world’s economy faces fundamental changes, the cause to which is also the development of alternative energy sources, new methods for extraction of hydrocarbons, breakthrough advancement in IT technologies, genetics, biology as a whole, the formation of nano-industry, geopolitical challenges, such as refugees, hunger, etc.

All of this clearly will require the reformation of the international institutions, establishment of stricter behavior rules, serious changes of the authority of the state management bodies. It is necessary to reallocate the authority of these, by making an equal division between the international institutions and the municipalities. Before today’s inauguration of the Institution it took us 2 years of hard-thinking and really strong organizational efforts. In these 2 years, I often needed to answer questions: Why exactly the Tel-Aviv University? And again expressing a big thanks to the members of this educational and research center, I can tell you why.  Regulations and the team gave us the most comfortable conditions. And where if not in Israel, where the nowadays civilizations originated, the Scientific and Research Institution, dealing with challenges that the civilization is facing, should be located? And where if not in Israel, which is famous for it’s non-alignment, meaning that the minds of the scientists are fully independent from the political influence?

And again, let me thank everybody present on this ceremony, I am very proud to share this memorable day...