Moving Towards Policy Solutions to Global Challenges


BMI Research Symposium


May18,  2017

Tel-Aviv University



15:45     Gathering and refreshment
16:00     Vision for BMI: Prof. Itai Sened, Head of BMI and Founding Head of the School for Social and Policy Studies
16:10     BMI Research Progress: Dr. Boris Mints, President of BMI
16:20     Opening lecture: Prof. Eyal Zisser, Vice-Rector of Tel-Aviv University
              Climate, Migration and Conflict in the Middle East: From the Bronze Age to Present Day
16:45     Presentations: Food Security
              Prof. Eran Bacharach, Department of Cell Research and Immunology
              Yoav Rothler, Ph.D. Student, Department of Public Policy
17:15     Presentations: Renewable Energy
              Assaf Hochman, Ph.D. Student, the Porter School of Environmental Studies and the School of Geosciences, Faculty of Exact Sciences
              Ron Harnik, M.A. Student, Faculty of Engineering
              Hadar Traugott, Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Engineering
17:45     Discussion