Paris, Tel-Aviv and The Climate crisis. 

Public Workshop

December 24, 2015

Tel-Aviv University



15:45 Gathering

16:00 Opening Remarks

Prof. Raanan Rein, Tel-Aviv University Vice-President

16:10 Keynote Speaker

Prof. Miranda Schreurs,  Director of the Environmental Policy Research Centre, Frei University, Berlin: Renewable energy politics post Paris

16:30 Speakers

  • Prof. Itai Sened and Dr. Sarit Samila-Sened: The ethical principle behind local developing of renewable energy

  • Ms.  Yael Faran, Member of Parliament: Conclusions from the Paris Climate Conference

  • Prof. Alon Tal, Department of Geography, Ben-Gurion University: Climate Justice – the position of the developing countries in a global settlement

  • Dr. Ram Fishman, Department of Public Policy, Tel-Aviv University: From Paris (via Tel-Aviv) to rural villages and poverty neighbourhoods of the developing world: the field challenges in utilizing renewable energy.

17:30 Questions and Answers

By Prof. Gila Menahem, Chair of the Executive Master in Public Policy, Tel Aviv University