Dr. Boris Mints, President

Boris Mints was born on July 24, 1958 in Moldavia into a family of Military Officer.





In 1980 he graduated the Physical Faculty of the Ivanovo State University with specialization in Theoretical Physics.


Academic Degree:

PhD in the Engineering Sciences.


Academic Rank:

Reader in the Advanced Mathematics.




1983-1990: Assistant Professor, Reader in the Advanced Mathematics at the Ivanovo Textile Academy.

1996-2000: Head of the Presidential Department of the Municipal Governments, Secretary of the Municipal Governments Committee of RF.

2001-2003: CEO of REN TV Media Holding.

2003: Chairman of Board of Directors of the “Otkritie  Stock Broker” OJSC.

2004: In association with Vadim Belyaev founded the Investment Group “Otkrytie”, which was reorganized into the Financial Corporation “Otkrytie”.

2004-2013: Chairman of the Board, President of the FC “Otkrytie”.

            -in 10 years FC “Otkrytie” had become the largest private financial and banking institution in Russia with the exchange balance of 45 mlrd USD and 17 thousand of employees.

2004: He founded the Private Holding O1GROUP where holds position of the  Chairman of Board of Directors, President of O1 Group.

            -the private Holding Company being specialized in the investments into various  economic sectors included real estate, industry and financial sector. O1Property, which is one of the largest owners of the A/B+ office real estate  in Moscow with estimated portfolio of 4,5 mlrd USD, is the strategic asset of  O1GROUP.

            -CAIMMO is the controlling shareholder.

Non-government Pension Fund “Telecom-Soyuz”.

Non-government Pension Fund “Stalfond”.

Non-government Pension Fund “Future”.

 -rank among the largest non-government Pension Funds of Russia.


  • Conference of European Rabbis:  Chairman of the Board of Patrons

  • Russian Jewish Congress: Member of Committee.

  • Chairman of the Board of Gaidar Fund.

  • Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs: Member of Board, Member of Committee of the Finance Industry.

  • Chamber of Commerce and  Industry: Member of the Committee of the Investment Strategy. Chairman of Working Group on general enquiry of Commercial and Economic collaboration of Russian-Latvian Business Council.    Member of Russian-Austrian Business Council.

  • Vladimir Spivakov’s International Charity Fund: Member of the Board of Patrons.

  • Member of Board of Patrons of Mariinsky Theater.

  • Member of Board of Patrons of the Regional Charity Fund “Child Rehabilitation. Romanoff’s Center”.

  • Member of the Charity Fund of the Theatrics Development Contribution “Dramatis personae”.

  • Member of   Board of Patrons of the Multimedia Art Museum and supporting Fund of the Art and Education “Multimedia and Art”.

  • Member of the International Board of Patrons of the All-Russian State library of the foreign literature named after M.I.Rudomino.

  • 1st awardee of the “Mercy” Prize.

  • Awardee of the Dashkova’s Prize “Philanthropist of the Year”.