Water Lab

The lab deal with the contemporary global challenges of water shortage and water quality through rigorous and groundbreaking research.



Lab Leaders:

Prof. Dror Avisar, Faculty of Exact Sciences

Prof. Hadas Mamane,

Faculty of Engineering

PhD Student:

Patricia Akao

Article by Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post, 23/1/2019

Research Project:

  • Patricia Akao had won 2019 Dan David scholarship in the category of Combating Climate Change for this study

Microalgae utilization for plasticizers degradation, biofuel and plastic production

Ph.D. Student Patricia Akao
Research Goals:    
Design prototype bioreactors for algae growth that are fed by either secondary wastewater or ozonated secondary wastewater, for efficient biodiesel and bioplastic production. 
  • Determine the microalgae species that present efficient absorption capacity of phthalates from secondary wastewater effluent, high productivity of lipids for biodiesel and adequate biomass for bioplastics.
  • Develop the analytical methodologies to identify and quantify phthalates, lipids profile and content.
  • Establish a process to use secondary effluent as nutrient source for microalgae.
  • Optimize the adequate ozone dose to breakdown the phthalates from secondary wastewater effluent.
  • Quantify the adequate ozone dose to breakdown the microalgae cell wall for efficient algae harvesting for biodiesel and bioplastic production.
  • Investigate the best way to produce bioplastic from the biomass generated. 
  • Make the project feasible, ensuring simplicity and low costs.