Projects:  Conflict Resolution and the Middle Class

Partner: The Evans Program for Conflict Resolution, headed by Prof. Alon Tal, Chair, Department of Public Policy 

Global citizenship for all? The emergence of the GCE gap

Heela Goren, School of Education

Heela had recently submitted her thesis entitled “Global citizenship for all? Emergence of the GCE gap” as part of her M.A in education policy and administration at the Tel-Aviv University School of Education. The thesis explores the differences in the ways teachers of students from various socio-economic backgrounds perceive global citizenship education. Heela found that teachers of students from strong socio-economic backgrounds perceived global citizenship education to be imperative for their students, as opposed to lower SES students who were perceived by their teachers to be less capable of participating in the global society.

Master's Degree Scholarship

Poverty reduction in the Arab Sector

Dr. Sami Miaari, Department of Labor Studies

Dr.  Miaari is currently a Lecturer (tenure track) at the Department of Labor Studies in Tel-Aviv University. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A degrees in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a Research Affiliate at the Department of International Economics in the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) until Jan 2012. In 2008-2009 he was a post-doctoral fellow in Economics on the Max Weber Program at the European University Institute in Florence-Italy. Dr. Miaari's research focuses on the labor economics, economic causes and consequences of conflict, including on the economic costs of political instability and the relationship between economic shocks and conflict (focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), discrimination against ethnic minorities, and applied econometrics.

Research Grant

Diaspora and Conflict Resolution – Research Project Proposal

Dr. Nimrod Rosler, Department of Public Policy

Dr. Nimrod Rosler is a lecturer (tenure-track) at the Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University. His research interests include political and psychological dynamics of intractable conflicts and their resolution, leadership in conflict and peacemaking, and conflict-related Diaspora communities. The latter is the subject of his present research program that has been awarded the support of BMI. The research is designed to examine the effect of socio-psychological constructs, such as collective identity and group-based emotions on the attitudes of conflict-related Diaspora towards conflict resolution in their homeland. The findings of the research will enable developing potential interventions to promote attitudes and mobilization efforts supporting peacemaking.


Research Grant

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