The Boris Mints Institute's flagship event is an Annual International Academic Conference, during which major ground breaking policy solutions formulated by BMI researchers – together with well-articulated plans of execution – will be presented. Participants will include academics, professionals, government and agency officials, industry representatives and the media from Israel and around the world. A once-yearly academic colloquium will promote the exchange of information and ideas among scholars.


The dissemination of knowledge and policy recommendations will follow a unique method developed and practiced by those engaged in the effort that follows a very simple and effective path: Findings are written up as white papers and disseminated through publications in prestigious professional journals to get rigorous academic review and attention. BMI researchers of the center travel around the globe to articulate and present their findings in international and local conferences.


What is unique to BMI is the personal engagement of researchers and students in the actual implementation of the policy solutions on the ground.  When we come up with better management and public administration tools we involve former students in local and national government in the implementation process and get useful feedback that improves and enriches our research efforts. 

BMI Conferences
Conflict Diplomacy in the Digital World

Conflict Diplomacy in the Digital World

September 2019