Congratulations to BMI Fellow, Sagit Azari-Wiezel, who has successfully completed her Ph.D., titled: "The Institutional Economy of the Middle Class in Developed Countries".  We are proud of you!


Congratulations to Dr. Sami Miaari, Head of the BMI Conflict Resolution lab, for his acceptance as a member of the Global Young Academy.

 GYA Membership 2020 Acceptance Letter 


For the 7th time, a heterogeneous group of students of different academic disciplines spent a week at the Arava desert, to study the fundamentals of Renewable Energy, experience and explore the innovations in the field and create their own RE solutions to real challenges. 


Mechanical and Electrical students from the faculty of Engineering together with law and public policy, joined Nitsan lab and Water-tech lab for a research field trip in South India, and worked in close collaboration with the elite Amrita University in Kerala.

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