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Small Transition Economies: Local answers to Global Challenges

3rd international conference

In accordance with BMI vision as an institute that affects global policy at the highest level, our 3rd international conference will focus on exploring, analyzing and discussing the economics and politics of small transition economies, taking the example of the host countries and trying to draw global lessons and recommendation that will be applicable to other countries in similar situations.

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2016 BMI Conference Executive Report
First Annual Report, 2016

From sustainability issues to intractable social ills, the main activity of the Institute will be to pursue innovative, interdisciplinary and broad, system scope, research followed by the publication of position papers with an emphasis on timely implementation. The Institute will identify a number of policy dilemmas each year, and craft targeted task forces made up of top scholars from Israel and abroad, bright PhD students and younger students who will work together in a focused manner toward solving these dilemmas – first by research on campus and then in the field.


Research will be conducted by PhD students under the supervision of expert scholars in fields such as applied economics, environmental sustainability and international development. Using the field as a “living lab,” the Institute will send out these bright PhDs overseas for a period of several weeks or months to assess a particular problem. They will then return to TAU to analyze the data they have collected using state-of-the-art statistical techniques, with a view – ultimately – to devising novel, viable, system wide, long-term and replicable solutions.


At the outset, BMI will focus on three main expertise areas: Energy, Middle Class Crisis and Conflict Resolution and Food Security Sustainable Development.


  • The Third Millennium Multipolar and Multivector World 

  • Russia as an International Power

  • Brexit – Causes and Consequences

  • The Geo-political Assessment of the Global World

The goal that we have set for ourselves is very challenging yet

Dr. Boris Mints, President

on the lives of many and will continue to expand the reach and the impact to many more. The key to this tremendous success is incredibly simple as most keys to almost any success. We specialize in promoting research that matters!!! 

significant – determination and resolution of the problems preventing the sustainable and equitable development of the civilization. 

In the very short time since its inception, BMI had a huge impact

Prof. Itai Sened, Head

In partnering with Mr. Boris Mints in founding BMI, with a dedicated leadership scholarship and the infusion of significant funds, TAU aspires for BMI to have a significant impact on policy challenges , world wide, within 5 years.


The world is thirsty for innovative, groundbreaking policy solutions to promote environmental sustainability, ensure food security, health and energy to all, and eradicate poverty. Yet, there is a dearth of applied, practical, policy-directed research on these issues. This is particularly notable in Israel, where entrepreneurship, technological innovation and groundbreaking ideas abound, but are rarely linked to practical policy through applied academic research. BMI will help redress this by creating a unique scholarship – the first of its kind in Israel and one of only a handful worldwide – that will combine sophisticated research tools - including cutting edge statistical technique and innovations in big data with rigorous, in-depth fieldwork and intensive interactions with local populations in countries ranging from India to Senegal and Uganda. All research will be highly applied, practical and solutions-driven in nature, and will be conducted by bright PhD students under the supervision of internationally renowned senior scientists.


The inherently innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of the Israeli young researchers, together with their maturity and ideological ambitions to “heal the world,” make them at once the ideal field researchers and ambassadors of change and goodwill for the Institute.The Institute will ensure that no good idea goes to waste due to lack of funding and bring Israel-developed technologies to the world’s neediest populations – thereby enabling Israel to harness its renowned startup mentality in the service of humankind.As a globally influential research institution, Tel Aviv University is committed to applying its know-how and experience toward solving real-world problems, and is uniquely positioned to operate the proposed Institute.

TAU is the largest and most comprehensive university in Israel and has been ranked among the top 10 most innovative educational institutions in the world. The BMI Institute will bring together all of these innovation-minded forces under one roof and provide them with the best conditions to systematically work on new, viable strategic policies.


The Institute will operate on two levels:


  1. Training, Research and Policy Recommendations

  2. Dissemination and Conferences


2nd Sustainable Development Seminar in Arava

Continuing the successful cooperation with the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Center, a second seminar took place in the Arava


3rd BMI Conference: Small Transition Economies, Local answers to Global Challenges

Our 3rd international conference in Georgia and Armenia focused on exploring, analyzing and discussing the economics and politics of small transition economies, taking the example of the host countries and trying to draw global lessons and recommendations.


BMI - Matanel Cooperation

Thanks to a generous donation by the Matanel Foundation, co-chaired by Ms. Joelle Aflalo, a BMI board member, 2 Ph.D. scholarships will be extended to research students in Tel-Aviv University and in ICIPE, Kenya.

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