Dr. Alexander Pesov was born on the 29th of May, 1957 in Georgia.



1979 graduated from the biological faculty of the Moscow State University with a specialisation in ecology and hydrobiology.

Academic degree: Ph.D. in Biology.


1979-1982 was a scientific researcher for MSU,

1982-1991 was a journalist, writer, editor of several top soviet journals and newspapers,

Dr. Alexander Pesov, Representative of the BMI President

1991-1997 vice-president of International press-centre and club, Moscow, head of the Kremlin Cup (ATP tournament),

From 1998 till 2012 was a government official, including being an advisor to the prime-minister of the Russian Federation - Eugene Primakov, chief of staff in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Vice-Governor of Voronezh region.



Author of several scientific publications.