BMI Prize Laureate 2020:

Prof. Sabina Alkire of Oxford University

BMI Prize 2020 Ceremony 
Groundbreaking Research Tackling Global Poverty

The Boris Mints Institute was founded with the intention to encourage research, planning and innovative thinking in order to promote a significant positive change in the world. BMI is focusing on designing strategic innovative plans to enhance the welfare of communities around the globe.

Prof. Itai Sened -

Next Dean of Social Sciences

Congratulations to Prof. Itai Sened, Head of BMI, for the appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences!
We wish Prof. Sened lots of success in this new prominent position, and are certain that his unique skills and capabilities will bring the faculty to great achievements.


New article published by BMI Fellow, Amit Loewenthal & Dr. Sami Miaari, Head of Conflict Resolution Lab 

"Male-Female Wage Differential in the West Bank: A Gender-Based Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"


A better future for the world’s poorest after COVID-19?

Prof. Sabina Alkire, laureate of the 2020 Boris Mints Institute Prize, explains how the Multidimensional Poverty Index can help tackle global poverty.

By Alan Rosenbaum   

Jerusalem Post. May 14, 2020 



Israel's Exit Strategy

Dr. Sagit Azari-Wiesel, until recently a BMI Fellow, is currently a senior researcher in the research department of the Israeli Welfare Ministry, and as such, is taking a part of building Israel's exit strategy of the Covid-19 crisis, focusing on unemployment assessment. We are proud!