2020 Research Conference
July 9, 2020, 16:00 (Israeli Time)

Boris Mints Institute was founded with the intention to encourage research, planning and innovative thinking in order to promote a significant positive change in the world. BMI is focusing on designing strategic innovative plans to enhance the welfare of communities around the globe.


A new Researcher at Conflict Resolution Lab

Dr. Boaz Hameiri a Senior Lecturer in the Evens Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Tel Aviv University. His program of research consists of an examination of different psychological barriers to attitude change and conflict resolution, and the development of psychological interventions (e.g., paradoxical thinking) to address these barriers and promote better intergroup relations and conflict resolution.



New Research in Israel to Transform old Buildings into Living Ecosystems

“Technology is not a magic bullet that will always solve any problem,” says Professor Hadas Mamane, head of the Environmental Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University. 

By Alan Rosenbaum, Jerusalem Post, July 8, 2020



Israeli Innovation for a Better World

This will be the first Boris Mints Institute annual conference to take place solely online and will provide a global platform for world-leading researchers that are working alongside the Boris Mints Institute at Tel Aviv University to create a greener future and tackle social inequalities.   

By Alan Rosenbaum, Jerusalem Post, July 6, 2020



Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews 'least stressed' by Covid-19, says study

“The results showed that the more religious you are, the more resilience you have,” said Dr Nechumi Yaffe. who led the research team. “Religious people tend to have a stronger sense of community, cohesiveness, meaning, ritual and family connection.”

By Harriet Sherwood

The Guardian, July 4, 2020 

Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP via Getty Images