BMI Prize Laureate wins

the Nobel Prize


Prof. Michael Kremer of Harvard University, the winner of the 2018 BMI Prize, was announced as one of three laureates of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Economy - we congratulate Prof. Kremer for his remarkable achievement and wish him and the other prize laureates further success in their research, aiming at fighting poverty and enhancing the welfare of disadvantaged communities worldwide

The Boris Mints Institute was founded with the intention to encourage research, planning and innovative thinking in order to promote a significant positive change in the world. BMI is focusing on designing strategic innovative plans to enhance the welfare of communities around the globe.

Collaboration with the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Prof. Sened, Head of BMI, continued the collaboration with the University of St. Gallen and gave a seminar on Renewable Energy together with Prof. Rolf Wustenhagen


Sustainable Development


For the 6th time, a heterogeneous group of students of different academic disciplines spent a week at the Arava desert, to study the fundamentals of Sustainable Development, learn from experts and entrepreneurs and experience practical solutions. 


BMI continues support for Engineers Without Borders

A student delegation of EWB, supported by BMI and other TAU units, continued the water/energy activities in Tanzania.


Prof. Sened, Head of BMI, was a invited to the University of Bologna as a guest scholar by Prof. Daniela Giannetti of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. The University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world, and BMI is expanding the research collaboration with this highly respected institute.